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Introducing the world's first simultaneous live-fire smoker, plancha and grill.



If you have been wondering what Chef Matt has been up to in his post-Fidel Gastro's time, this is it. Matt has partnered with experienced Toronto-based entrepreneurs to found Alchemy Grills - the first simultaneous live-fire, smoker, bbq and plancha. As Creative Firestarter and head of all things culinary at Alchemy, Matt is using his passion and knowledge of food and live-fire cooking to disrupt the bbq scene. Welcome to a new way to cook with live-fire, welcome to Alchemy: experimental by nature.

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Powered entirely by wood and charcoal, The Alchemy Grill is uniquely engineered to smoke low and slow or sear at high temperatures on the plancha and grill at the exact same time. Its functionality is unrivaled as cooking enthusiasts can use multiple surfaces and spaces to create remarkable traditional barbeque like ribs, brisket and smoked chicken all while simultaneously searing scallops, making smash burgers, boiling a pot of water, stir-frying in a wok, or baking in a skillet. The open fire pit coupled with the double wall insulated convection smoker enables you to optimize your grilling experience without sacrificing quality.

Limited production for Spring 2023 - Reserve yours now:

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